Festipack / Festicam: Optimizing the Security, Convenience, and Engagement of the Concert Experience / Summer 2018

Concerts and music festivals are ideally joyful events for people to get together, listen to, dance to, sing to, and have fun to the music and the people around them. However, theft and loss of people’s belongings are prevalent at these events due to the crowded and active nature of these gatherings. The potential disorderliness and crowding of concerts makes people’s belongings vulnerable to loss and theft; the loss of these belongings, whether they are phones or wallets, thus threatens the security of the concert goers and their personal, sensitive information. It is imperative that concert goers have a solution in securing their belongings during a concert setting while still being able to fully engage in a fun, memorable experience.


The Festipack is a stylish pouch equipped with RFID blocking to protect users’ money, clear windows to allow users to access their phone without taking it out from the secured pouch, and adjustable and uncuttable top and bottom straps that are secure around the user’s neck and pants. The Festicam is a nano camera in the form of a thin, waterproof, skin-safe tape that would attach to a user’s forehead to easily capture photo and video. The camera would be bluetooth-connected to user’s phone to provide a safer, localized form of wireless connection. Throughout the design process, two concert goer have been in contact with our team for feedback and research, and have ultimately acted as our personas: Daniella and Ryan. At the end of our project, we discovered that in the near or future terms, our product could potentially reach all or most user groups such as tourists or people who are active in sports due to its nature of securing and providing accessibility to belongings in an active setting.


The Festipack-Festicam product was conceived through a project in the Design Innovation 190-5 course at the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation. The course issued a Design Challenge in which students would utilize the design process and human-centered design methods regarding mobility, sensing, and security. The Festipack-Festicam project was created by Team 1/'Festival Finesse,' including Alex Bazaar, Sasank Chaganty, Songhee Hyoung, Nicole Macam, and Angela Venzen.