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Reimagining the Gig Economy: Care Calendar Redesign / Spring 2019

This project aims to improve the Caregiver app by redesigning its scheduling feature so that our targeted users, care providers, can organize their schedule more conveniently and efficiently in terms of their work availability, booked jobs, and busy times.


We developed an empathy map based on the research and insights we gained from our interviews with current care providers on Care. Most of the main points that we found point toward this issue of scheduling on the Care app.

Based off our research and empathy map, we developed a user persona: Jess Denero, who is a college student who only does one-time jobs through Care because full-/part-time jobs do not fit her busy school schedule. Because of this, she wants to update and maintain her schedule on Care in an efficient way.

We then created a storyboard of an ideal experience of what Jess would go through in the Care app. The storyboard depicts Jess receiving Google Calendar notifications of the many events and tasks that she has to do, so she imports her Google calendar into her Care scheduler so that she and her clients can see her busy times, booked jobs, and available time slots.

We then looked more in depth ideally of how Jess would schedule her Care calendar events through a user flow.

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Demonstration of our final prototype:

This is a redesign project by Jacqueline Maureen, Nicole Macam, David Moon, and Nathan Muldrow at the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation at UC Berkeley.